Implementation of 2017 classification system

Case discussion
Example from the literature BDJ
Case #3

From the literature….

  • 59 years old lady recently moved to Australia
  • Was under care and maintenance for 8 years
  • Good systemic health
  • Ex smoker, smoked 20-30 cig/day
  • Quit smoking 12 years ago

BDJ | VOLUME 226 NO. 6 | March 22 2019

Six-point chart(6PPC)

Periapical intraoral radiographs

Questions to ponder

  • What is the full periodontal diagnosis according to the latest classification from 2017 ?
  • What is the greatest bone loss in this case?
  • Which tooth/teeth are associated with the greatest bone loss that occurred due to periodontal disease?
  • What would be the optimal maintenance plan (frequency of visits) for the patients, perio-tools?

Poll question

What is the most likely periodontal diagnosis for Case #3 according to the latest classification (2017)? (single choice)

What is/are the best treatment option/s for Case #3? (multiple choices)

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