Posterior sickle scaler

Instrument for supragingival debridement

Posterior sickle scaler is a finer instrument than anterior sickle. Posterior sickle scaler shares the same design characteristics with the anterior sickle scaler:

  • The face of the working end is perpendicular to the terminal shank
  • The working end of the instrument has pointed tip and pointed back
  • The working end has two cutting edges
  • Triangular cross-section

Posterior sickle scaler is used for supragingival debridement of both anterior and posterior teeth.

NOT recommended for use on root surfaces or subgingival because the pointed tip and back can cause tissue trauma.

Correct angulation and adaptation of the instrument

(sickle scaler)

Use the terminal shank as a visual clue!!!

Correct working end

Correct working end of the instrument

Compare the two working ends

Correct working end

 (sickle scaler)

Correct working end


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