Left handed operator


Periodontal cassette

Contains a set of instruments used for diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of patients with gingivitis and periodontal diseases

Operator seating charts


Gracey curettess

Design characteristics

Air-polishing devices

Slurry of pressurised air, water and powder of different abrasiveness are used to removal of biofilm and stains from the tooth/root/implant surface

Power driven instruments

Modern power-driven instruments are as effective as hand instruments in removing of biofilm, extrinsic stains and calculus deposits


PerioPal quiz is a single best answer quiz that covers a wide range of topics in periodontics.

Basics of instrumentation

Principles of scaling

Sequence of treatment
Concept of facing and averted surface

Hand scaling

Anterior sickle scaler
Posterior sickle scaler

Finger rest reminder

& Instrument grasp

Patient position

Basic position for upper and lower jaw
“chin up”
“chin down or chin close to chest”

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