Implementation of 2017 classification system

Case discussion
Example from the literature BDJ
Case #5

From the literature….

  • 37-year-old female
  • Gums bleeding while eating food
  • 12-month history of symptoms, getting works
  • Non-smoker
  • Good systemic health
  • Family history of periodontitis and tooth loss
  • Oral hygiene is adequate
BDJ | VOLUME 226 NO. 3 | FEBRUARY 8 2019

Initial patient assessment BPE (basic periodontal examination)

Periapical intraoral radiographs

Six-point chart(6PPC)



Questions to ponder

  1. What is the most likely diagnosis in this case according to the new classification (2017)?
  2. Please explain rationale for your diagnosis.
  3. Identify risk factors for the patient’s periodontal condition/s.
  4. Outline your full treatment plan for the patient.

Poll questions

What is the most likely periodontal diagnosis for Case #5 according to the latest classification (2017)? (single choice)

What is/are the best treatment option/s for Case #5? (multiple choices)

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