Periodontics quiz


Quiz 6

Strategies for successful periodontal therapy (Basics)



Don’t give up, try again!

#1. What does initial periodontal therapy I involve?

#2. What are the most important aims of non-surgical periodontal therapy?

#3. What level of oral hygiene is important to achieve to proceed with comprehensive periodontal diagnosis and therapy?

#4. Which interdental cleaning device is first choice in patients with type II embrasures?

#5. What instruments can be used to remove supragingival calculus?

#6. Which statement is most correct regarding chlorhexidine di-gluconate?

#7. Which statement is incorrect regarding chlorhexidine (CHX)?

#8. What is substantivity?

#9. How long may chlorhexidine remain active for (substantivity) after a single oral rinse of 60 seconds?

#10. What regimen is followed while recommending use 0.2% chlorhexidine (CHX) mouth rinse in prevention/treatment of periodontitis?

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