Periodontics quiz


Quiz 7

Strategies for successful periodontal therapy (Advanced)

For question #5 and #6 recommended reading:


Murakami S et al. Dental plaque-induced gingival conditions. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2018;45 (S20): S17-S27.


Wong TSC and Wiesenfeld D. Oral Cancer. Australian Dental Journal 2018;63 (S1):S91-S99.



Don`t give up, try again!

#1. Which of the following may be adverse effects caused by CHX containing mouth rinse?

#2. Which statement is NOT CORRECT regarding essential oils (Listerine)?

#3. Which of the following may be contraindications for use of alcohol-containing essential oil based mouth rinse (Listerine)?

#4. What are we aiming to remove during subgingival debridement?

#5. Which of the following might cause patient to present with bleeding gums (gingiva) during regular oral self-care (toothbrushing or ID cleaning with floss/ID brush)?

#6. What effects can smoking have on the periodontium and on oral cavity?

#7. What are the differences between universal and specialised (Gracey’s) curettes?

#8. What is indication for use of Gracey’s curettes?

#9. What is indication for use of Gracey’s curette #11/12?

#10. Which extraoral finger rest technique (fulcrum) may be used while debriding mesio-palatal surface of 26 (right-handed operator) / mesio-palatal of 16 (left-handed operator) with Gracey’s 11/12?

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