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Clinical scenario-based questions



Patient is 64 years old male.



Medical history:

The patient has Diabetes mellitus (type II) since 1989 controlled with Metformin. His latest HbA1c < 7%

He has also had high blood pressure for 10 years now – used various types of medications to control blood pressure, but last year his GP prescribed him Sevikar 40/10TM.

He is not allergic, not smoking or drinking alcohol



Chief complains:

Noticed that his gums are swollen, very sensitive and bleeding on brushing. The symptoms started a few months ago.

He had visited his general dentist, who recommended using Listerine Zero mouthwash twice a day for a month.


Family history:

No similar issues reported in family

Clinical images


Clinical image

Virtual perio-clinic quiz



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    #1. How deep are pockets (PD) as measured with CP-15 periodontal probes (1) & (2)?

    #2. What is the most likely diagnosis in this case according to 2017 classification system?

    #3. What would be the most likely differential diagnosis of the condition shown in the image?

    #4. What sort of medication can have adverse effects associated with gingiva?

    #5. How long does it take to develop gingival condition as the one shown in image?

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